Month: April 2016

How to Prevent Cockroaches with Dusts

If you have a cockroach problem you’ve probably been afraid by the sight of 100s of roaches scampering for cover when you turn on your kitchen light. Applying chemical dust is a good method  in the fight against cockroaches. Dust is slow-acting and needs patience. But if implemented the right way dust is as effective, and longer-lasting than spraying pesticides. Dust can be found at supermarkets and department stores.


Dust can be easily blow away with a slight air so it’s better to add a bit of boric acid. The boric acid helps the dust bind to the cockroaches legs. Once the cockroach cleans itself or eats it will be poisoned. Be sure the dust is not applied to a place near your pets, as it may cause sickness or even kill them. The best place to put dust is near source of water. When the cockroaches come to take a drink they will get the dust on them and contaminate their bodies and will ultimately kill them.


Be sure that you don’t apply the dust to exposed areas where there may be foods or drinks for humans or pets. It’s not advisable to place dust on a table where someone might eat it accidentally. Put the dust on more discreet areas: under the kitchen sink and behind the gutter. It is unlikely that a kid or a pet will get into the dust in these out-of-the-way, hard to reach places. Prevent the dust off from your plants, which would be damaged by the boric acid. If you do want to keep your plants soil free from cockroaches, put little bit of acetum/vinegar into the soil.



If your pet accidentally get some dust,you should bring them on a veterinarian as soon as possible. Keep your pets fom licking their paws or their hair. Most pet owners find that it’s unwise to apply cockroach dust when they have a pet in their home. If you do have a pet you may prefer to board your pet for a week or 2 or keep your pet outdoors until the cockroaches are gone.