Month: May 2016

Cleaning Up Water and Spills Can Help To Prevent Cockroaches

Besides food, water is the most crucial factor in the life of a cockroaches. The only thing they fear more than thirst is the bottom of your shoes. Cockroaches can outlast a couple of days without food if they have a stable supply of water, but thirst will kill them quickly. If you living in an area that’s usually wet and you’re experiencing a drought or a dry spell, cockroaches will come into your house seeking water and shade.


You will be able to stop their encroachment by removing any stagnant water and other spilled liquids. Do not allow filthy dish water or  a glass of water lying around in you house. Tighten up any leakages in your bathroom or kitchen sink; be sure that your toilette lid is firmly placed on the bowl. Even though the roach possibly able to slip underneath the toilet lid, your toilette is designed with an over-hang lip so that bugs will fall in the water whenever they try to climb out of the bowl.


Under your refrigerator there’s a pan that catches excess moisture. Make sure to clean the pan on a regular basis and keep them dry. Take time to move your refrigerator sporadically and clean the floor below it. Inevitably you will find a crumb of food or 2, and that is a feast for the cockroaches: a warm dark eating house where dozens of bugs can crowd in. Another reservoir of moisture is your pets’ drinking bowl. Dry out the floor around these bowls sporadically: the drips from your pets’ mouths may become a cockroach playground.


If you have cans or tires in your back yard be sure that it is free from moisture. Not only do cockroaches congregate around these items but they’re also a breeding ground for deadly mosquitoes. If you can not take away these objects then check them for water frequently. In addition to be sure that the lowland areas of your yard are free of clutter just in case water builds up in them. You can can also use gravel,sand, or topsoil to fill these lowland areas in.

How To Use Pesticides to Prevent Cockroaches


If you have a cockroach trouble you have probably tested all sorts of methods for fixing it. Chances are that all of it failed. The cockroach is a hardy adversary. You may have to resort to chemical warfare. If you choose to apply pesticides, there are guidelines that you must need to know. Be sure that the pesticide you choose is designed specifically for your cockroach problem.


Always stick with the instructions manufacturer’s label to be sure you’re applying the product correctly. You want to poison the cockroaches at the entrances and exits to your home. You have should spray on the inside and outside of your doors and along the crackings of every window. Remember to spray the pesticide around any holes and cracks that would direct to the inner walls of your home. You may find them in your water faucets, sewers, or cellar hatchway doors. Be thorough. Be sure that all foodstuffs, including pet-foods, are picked up and stowed off safely before you spray. Ne’er spray any pesticides near areas where your pet might sleep. Pesticide normally takes between ten and twenty minutes to dry out, although oil-based pesticides take longer.


Whenever you spray too much pesticide and the pesticide is oil-based, you are able to sop up the excess pesticide with a paper towel. Make sure to wear rubber gloves during this operation. The remaining pesticide should be sufficient to fix the problem. You should spray once, then wait for a week. If you don’t see any more cockroaches, your job is done. If cockroaches still come out, then you need to reapply the pesticide at the appropriate areas. Search for new areas the cockroaches might be using. Be sure that you dispose of your pesticide container after use, and keep them out of reach of kids at all times. Stack away your pesticide in a secured cabinet if you do have kids or pets. If you don’t have kids or pets you can  store it underneath the sink, or with other poisonous materials such paints and cleaning products.



Remember that pesticides are dangerous and they are poison. Pesticides are intended to kill. If you get the pesticide on your hands or on any part of your body make sure you rinse it well after you finish spraying. If  pesticides doesn’t stop your cockroach problem you need to call a professional who will have your home sprayed from top to bottom.