How to Prevent Cockroaches By Blocking Doors, Windows, and Holes

Cockroaches are a filthy insect and can infest the house in days, if not months. One cockroach can bear to thousands and soon your home will cockroach infested. Even if your house is spick-and-span and you’ve sprayed for cockroaches, they can still come in your house from the outside. The best prevention technique is to seal up your house so the roaches will never be able to get inside your house. Start with your doorways. All the doorways in your house need caulking or weather stripping to prevent cockroaches from slithering between cracks and  underneath the door.


All open space needs to be sealed. A cockroach can crawl through a hole the size of a penny and below a door . If you have a window on your doorway you might prefer to caulk the frame around the window, just in case there’s sufficient room for the cockroach to get across. Your house should be sealed from outside in: be sure that your windows have screens that are free from rips or holes. The screens must have no gap between the inside window and screen frame. In the summertime, if you have your window open for the air, roaches will be capable to get inside through any small gap. You’re giving the cockroach an open invitation if those windows are not sealed.


If you have sliding windows, be sure that there’s a rubber piece between the a window frame and the glass. Walk around your house and look for various openings. Vents of all varieties make big entree points for cockroaches. That includes dryer vents of the foundation and the air circulation vents. Spaces around an outdoor water tap, or cracks in your foundation provide more paths into your home. The crackings may not look bad from the exterior but if you were the size of a cockroach you’d be able to squeeze through them and discover other hatchways to the interior of your walls. Once inside, cockroaches can dwell and infest your entire house within months.

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